City of Cologne

Mr. Albert P. Deistler

Mr. Deistler was born in 1945 and holds a degree as certified engineer in urban and regional planning (Dipl.-Ing.). He started planning urban renovation areas for the Cologne Department for Urban Planning in1973. He then worked in the Cologne Department for Urban Development Planning on analyses, concepts and project planning both for urban areas and the sectors of education and culture. This was followed by project development for the cultural and financial field of the Media Park development project in the department of Culture. He joined the private Media Park Cologne Development Company in 1988, to work on: project management in cultural economics and media; management of multimedia projects for the sub-company LEONARDO; canvassing; project development; budgeting; and production management.

Since 1994 he has been deputy department head with the Office for International Affairs of the City of Cologne at the Mayor’s Division. He supervises the European projects of the city and coordinates those focussing on telematics, multimedia and security. He represents the city in European networks and is deputy chair of the European Telecities network.

Mr. Deistler will coordinate the project.

Mr. Axel Strang

Mr. Strang was born in 1956 and entered the professional fire brigade of the city of Cologne in 1974. He completed several courses in the field of psychosocial care, e.g. at the central academy for civil protection. He has been the founder of the unit for psychosocial care (PSU) of Cologne’s professional fire brigade and acts as its head. He is a lecturer in both the academy of fire-fighters and the academy of the home ministry of the Bundesland Northrhine-Westfalia.

Mr. Strang coordinated the psychosocial care of 300 affected persons after the breakdown of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne.

Centre of Psychotraumatology, Krefeld

Mr. PD Dr. med. Dr. phil. Robert Bering

PD Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Robert Bering is the physician-in-chief of the Centre of Psychotraumatology at Krankhaus Maria-Hilf GmbH Krefeld. Dr. Bering studied medicine and psychology in Cologne. He spent two research semesters at the Institute for molecular neuropathology at the University of Copenhagen and took his degrees by Prof. U. Heinemann in 1995. He finished his residency as specialist for psychiatry / psychotherapy with additional term ‘rehabilitation’ at the academic teaching hospital in Gummersbach.

He spent three years (2000 – 2003) conducting the research project ‘Prävention und Behandlung von Psychotraumen’ (prevention and treatment of psychotrauma) for the German Federal Armed Forces; and headed scientific coordination of the EU project ‘Prävention psychischer Langzeitfolgen für Opfer von Terroranschlägen und deren Angehörige (PLOT)’ (prevention of lasting psychological disorders for victims of terrorist attacks and their relatives) in 2006.

He was associate partner of the EU project ‘European Network for Psycho-Social Aftercare in Case of Disaster’ (EUTOPA) from 2007 – 2009.

Dr. Bering teaches biological psychology and clinical psychology at the University of Cologne and has trained students in ‘Verlauf der Posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung.  Grundlagenforschung, Prävention, Behandlung’ (causes of PTSD, basic research, prevention and treatment).

Dr. Bering will head the project EUTOPA-IP in the scientific coordination.

Ms. Dr. med. Claudia Bredenbeck

Senior physician in the Centre of Psychotraumatology

Dr. Bredenbeck studied medicine in Cologne, has training in internal medicine, is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy and a certified emergency doctor. She defended her PhD thesis in biomechanical anatomy and is training to be a physician in rehabilitative medicine, specialising in psycho-oncology.

Ms. Dipl.-Psych. Claudia Schedlich

Claudia Schedlich is a certified psychologist, psychotherapist and consultant for Psychotraumatology. She studied psychology in Cologne and was awarded a diploma concerning the development of the 'Cologne inventory of trauma' at the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (IKPP).

From 1989 to 2002 she specialised in the therapy of trauma and assistance in establishing clinical treatments (Ahrweiler). She also spent a number of years as a research associate at IKPP and has acted as a scientific assistant in the prevention and treatment of Psychotrauma at German Federal Armed Forces; as well as in the EU project concerning the prevention of lasting psychological disorders for victims of terrorist attacks and their relatives (PLOT).Furthermore, she headed the EU project ‘European Network for Psycho-Social Aftercare in Case of Disaster (EUTOPA)’ from 2007 – 2009. She assisted, in the capacity of an external expert, with the EU project ‘SURVIVORS - joint response to loss and survival in terrorist attacks’ from 2007 – 2008.

Her teaching activity includes: teacher of further education, as consultant for Psychotraumatology for DIPT/IKPP, referee and supervision (2001); therapeutic administration of the ambulance for victims of violence and accidents at IKPP (2004 – 2007); and psychologist at the Federal office of civil protection and disaster assistance, section psychosocial crisis management (2007).

Mr. Dr. Dieter Wagner

Leader of the Krefelder-Krisenhilfe

The Krefelder Krisenhilfe is a counselling service for the City of Krefeld, which is integrated into the Centre of Psychotraumatology. Dr. Wagner has studied psychology in Trier and defended his thesis in the field of early intervention (Psychotraumatology). He is published in research on  syndromes of fire-fighters, professional helpers and policemen. Dr. Wagner is certified as a clinical psychotherapist and specialises in Cognitive Behaviour Treatment (CBT).

He has qualified in research as a post-doctoral fellow at the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA. He specialises in the traumatic assessment in chronic fatigue syndrome, with a wide range of database analysis and statistics.

Ms. Dipl.-Psych. Gisela Zurek

Gisela Zurek is a certified psychologist, dance therapist and consultant for Psychotraumatology. She studied psychology in Cologne and was awarded with a diploma in ‘Übertragung und Gegenübertragung in der Traumatherapie’ (transference and counter-transference in the therapy of trauma).

She was a research assistant on the project ‘Prävention und Behandlung von Psychotraumen bei der Bundeswehr’ (prevention and treatment of Psychotrauma at German Federal Armed Forces) at IKPP (2001 – 2003); and the EU project ‘Prävention psychischer Langzeitfolgen für Opfer von Terroranschlägen und deren Angehörige (PLOT)’ (prevention of lasting psychological disorders for victims of terrorist attacks and their relatives) in 2006.

Furthermore, she assisted with the EU project ‘European Network for Psycho-Social Aftercare in Case of Disaster (EUTOPA)’ in 2007 – 2009. As an external expert, she also assisted with the EU project ‘SURVIVORS - joint response to loss and survival in terrorist attacks’ in 2007 – 2008.

Her teaching activity includes: publication on the subject of transference and counter-transference concepts in trauma therapy; Psychotraumatological consulting for TraumatransformConsult at IKPP; co-coordinator, referee and supervisor in further education; and consultant for Psychotraumatology for DIPT/IKPP. She also worked for the Psychotraumatological ambulance Duisburg for the Alexianer Krefeld hospital; and at the out-patient clinic for victims of violence at the Public Health Department in Düsseldorf.

Impact, Amsterdam

Ms. Magda W. Rooze

Magda W. Rooze holds a MA/MBA in Business Administration and Psychology. Ms. Rooze founded Impact as its director in 2002. In less than four years, Impact has become an organisation with a strong vision on psychosocial care after disasters. Impact has also hosted a professional, international, online database with relevant scientific publications, protocols, public information; and is recognised as an expert facility in the field of psychosocial care. A local, European and international network has also been created.

Mr. Hans te Brake

Hans te Brake (1971) has been working for Impact since September 2007 as a senior policy worker for research and development. Hans studied social psychology at the University of Amsterdam and completed his PhD at the University of Amsterdam/Academic Centre for Dentistry with a dissertation entitled 'Burnout and job engagement in dentistry'. Between 2004 and 2007, he worked as a researcher at NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) in Utrecht. Currently he is project leader of the development of a Dutch multidisciplary guideline on early psychosocial interventions among uniformed services.

Mr. Michel Drückers

Michel Dückers (1979) is senior policy worker of care and safety at Impact. Michel studied public administration at the University of Twente. After completing his master thesis in 2003, he worked as a researcher at the Dutch Foundation for Society, Security and Police (SMVP); the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL); and the Scientific Institute for Quality in Healthcare at the Radboud University Nijmegen. His main areas of interest are: safety and risk management, quality assurance, inter-organisational networks and the diffusion of innovations. In September 2009, Michel will defend his dissertation (Utrecht University), entitled: 'changing hospitals: evaluation of a multi-layered organisational development of quality improvement programme'.


Mr. Dr. med. Francisco Orengo

Francisco Orengo is a psychiatrist and president of the ‘Sociedad Espanola de Psicotraumatologia y Estres Traumatico (SEPET)’. Dr. med. Francisco Orengo is board member of the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS, www. In collaboration with the ESTSS, the SEPET held the European Workshops on Traumatic Stress (EWOTS 06) in October 2006.

Charles University

Mr. Psychologist Stepan Vymetal

Stepan Vymetal is an Expert in disaster and crisis psychology. Nowadays he is a head of psychology section in the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. He is a coordinator of a Post-traumatic Intervention Team of the Czech Police; he cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinates a Psychological Assistance Team of Czech Airlines. He is a teacher of ‘Crisis and Disaster Psychology’ at Charles University in Prague. He participates in the Concept of Emergency Preparation for the Czech Health System. He is a member of the psychosocial task force, under the World Association on Disaster and Emergency Medicine. He worked with traumatised people after large-scale flooding in the Czech Republic in 2002; the kidnapping of Czech journalists in Iraq in 2004; the tsunami in SE Asia in 2004; the terrorist attacks in Egypt in 2005; and in mass casualty traffic accidents.

Institutions: Psychology dept., Faculty of Philosophy and Art, Charles University provides for pre-graduated students lecturing the Crisis and Disaster Psychology study and participates in research and development in crisis and disaster psychology field.  The psychology section of MoI is responsible for the application of psychology in the police department and fire and rescue services within the Czech Rep., and is also involved in the application of psychology in crisis management and psychosocial crisis support (concepts, coordination, cooperation, development).

PhDr. Simona Hoskovcová, PhD.

Simona Hoskovcová  is an expert in stress resilience research, a psychologist and a member of  the Dept. of Psychology Faculty of Philosophy and Art, Charles University. She is oriented on social psychology, lecturing in ‘Psychosocial Intervention’; ‘Methods of social psychological training’; ‘Intercultural training’; and also participates in other courses. Her research topic is the development of self-efficacy in children. She trains pre-school and school teachers, offers psychological counselling and publishes papers about stress resilience in children. She translates psychological diagnostic methods and scientific texts from German language.

Hedvika Boukalová, Psychologist

Hedvika Boukalová  is a psychologist at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague and specialises in forensic psychology; interviewing techniques; including in criminal investigation; interviewing techniques; and lie detection in the forensic field

As a counsellor and psychotherapist, Hedvika has provided psychological counselling and psychotherapy to people who abuse psychoactive substances, their partners and their relatives at the ‘Centrum drogové prevence Kladno’ (Centre for the drug abuse prevention, Kladno).

M.A. Michaela Krtickova, Psychologist

She is currently working at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. She is a member of a Posttraumatic Intervention Team of Czech Police and psychologist for Team of Crisis Assistance of the Czech Airlines. Part of her tasks is analysis of different incidents, statistics and also lecturing courses for policemen (crisis communication, terrorism, extremism).

In years 2007 – 2009 she worked for the European Commission, DG External Relations and Neighborhood Policy in Brussels.

She is an external employee of Charles University.

City of Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. Heiko Schneitler

1973: Graduation to doctor of medicine and placing of the ECFMG with the American Consulate General in Frankfurt A.M; license to practise medicine to the physician.
1974 – 1980: Scientific assistant at the University of Düsseldorf.
1979:  Physician for internal medicine, specialist acknowledgment by the physician chamber of North Rhine.
1980 – 1982: Leading police physician of the country Bremen.
1982 – 1985: Adviser for medical questions of the hospital system with the Minister for Work, Health and Social of the country North Rhine-Westphalia.
1985 – present: Director/conductor of public health authorities of the state capital Düsseldorf. 1985 – present: Occupation into the health committee of the German Federation of Towns as well as Federation of Towns North Rhine-Westphalia.
1985: Appointment into the Prüfungsausschuss for medical officers, test area environment and hygiene. In the same year admission of the training activity at the academy for public health service Düsseldorf. Member of the national council AIDS.
1986: Acknowledgment of the further education authorisation for internal medicine, for two years, by the physician chamber North Rhine.
1987: Appointment into the commission ‘extent and reasons of false seizure in hospitals’ on proposal of the country North Rhine-Westphalia at the Federal Ministry for work and social in Bonn. Specialist acknowledgment to the physician for public health service by the physician chamber North Rhine.
1988: Member of the commission hospital requirement planning of the German hospital company. Appointment into the national social committee of the German red cross.
1989: Member of the commission for the re-organisation of welfare for the Federal Minister for Youth, Family, Women and Health, Bonn, on proposal of the country North Rhine-Westphalia. Member of the national council of drugs. Elected to regional chairmen of the federation of the physicians of the public health service North Rhine-Westphalia; and member of the Federal Administration.
1990: Elected into the chamber meeting of the physician chamber North Rhine. Member in the expert committee with the Minister for Work, Health and Social of the country North Rhine-Westphalia, ‘re-organisation of the national health law’. Member of the commission ‘data processing’ of the German patient company.
1991 – 1993: Gastprofessur in Magdeburg.
1993: Acknowledged as Professor by the Ministry for Science and Research of the country North Rhine-Westphalia.
February 1992: Appointment as national AIDS adviser with the Federal Minister for Health. 1994: Appointment into the executive committee of the German principal establishment against the dangers in Hamm; plus appointment into the working group for drug prevention with the Federal Minister for Health.
1995: Appointment as trainer at the University of Düsseldorf; plus training agency for the academy for medical advanced training North Rhine. Appointment into the executive committee of the institute for hygiene of the Ruhr district in gel EN churches.
1996: Appointment into the large conference of cancer with the Federal Minister for Health; plus appointment into the expert committee for the development of a health report reimbursement of the federation. Appointment into the 12-köpfige expert commission with the Federal Minister for Health in Bonn, for the development of a federal infection law for the protection.
1997: Personal appointment into the conference of national health.
May 1997, involved with the hearing of the parliamentary group alliance 90/Die the Green in Bonn, as representatives of the Federation of Towns; plus research work, as well as professor Exner, Hygieneinstitut Bonn.
December 1997, on behalf the Ministry for Health and Social of the country North Rhine-Westphalia, for the investigation of the hygiene standards of 50 selected hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. Expert in parliamentary hearings in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg; commemorative speech on invitation.
1998: National health with a project of public health authorities in Düsseldorf for Impact accumulation research.
2000: Re-election to regional chairman of the federation of the lady doctors and physicians of the public health service North-Rhine/Westphalia. Expert with the consultation federal infection law for the protection in Berlin.
2001: Appointment for Düsseldorf into the advisory board of the European Cities against Drugs Appointment and into the institute adviser of the JVA Düsseldorf.
2005: Appointment into the committee ‘public health service.
2005: Conference of the European Cities against Drugs (Oslo).
2009: Appointment into the expert round table of ‘epidemics’ with the MAGS North-Rhine/Westphalia Publications; speeches and congress contributions, particularly about hospital system, hygiene, AIDS, drug prevention and therapy:

Mr. Wilhelm Pöllen Dipl.

Wilhelm Pöllen is a social worker and family therapist at the social and health management academy Muenster (registered association). He is head of the section five ‘health assistance and rehabilitation’ department of the Public Health Department. He heads the project ‘Düsseldorfer impact accumulation assistance’ as project leader, achieving the 1st national health prize in 1998. In 2006 he headed the ‘future for children in Düsseldorf project - assistance for children and families in risk situations’ as project leader, achieving the 2nd federal prevention prize; and the 1st national health price North Rhine-Westphalia in the ‘prevention programs of child protection and advancement programs’ category.

Mr. Ulrich Pasch Dipl.

Ulrich Pasch is a social worker who specialises in systemic coaching; client-centred advisory GWG; consultation for Psychotraumatology DIPT/IKPP. In 1985 he conducted social work with the district social service of the city Wuppertal; and in1990 he co-worked with the department of public Düsseldorf, in the AIDS consultation project. Since 2002 he has been a leading social worker in the local loop of public health authorities; and since 2005 he has been on the advisory board for pregnancy conflicts, partner problems and life crises, as well as working in the out-patient clinic for violence victims.

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