Objectives of the Project

The project aims to implement the results of the former EUTOPA project, as outlined below.

Primary objectives of EUTOPA:

  • Development of the IMPACT Guidelines via a consensus process: Multidisciplinary Guideline – Early psychosocial interventions after disaster, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events; and translation into French, German, English and Spanish.
  • Adaption of The Target Group Intervention Programme (TGIP) for large-scale disasters; and publishing of the manuals in English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Establishing a pan-European network in psycho-social care by holding two international Conferences (EUTOPA I/ II) in Cologne and Amsterdam.
  • Establishing an online platform at www.eutopa-info.eu


Primary objectives for EUTOPA-IP:

  1. Guideline for uniformed services:

    The development of a guideline for psychosocial care within the uniformed services (e.g. rescue workers), based upon the IMPACT Guidelines: Multidisciplinary Guideline - Early psychosocial interventions after disasters, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events. Consultation and study will be conducted by experts in their relative fields; and a report will be as a preliminary European guide for the uniformed services. This report will be translated into Czech, German, English and Spanish.

  2. TGIP-Rehabilitation:

    The Target Group Intervention Programme (TGIP) will be adapted for the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). A TGIP manual for psychosocial care within the uniformed services will be developed. Based on standard ICF practice, this will integrate: return-to-work programmes for survivors; disability management; and long-term intervention (translated into German, English and Spanish). ICF will serve as a framework for disability management for post-traumatic stress syndromes. We will deliver recommendations on return-to-work programmes to improve disability management in the EU. The TGIP-Rehabilitation manual will be in accordance with the return-to-work legal stipulations of European counties, such as Germany, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Spain.

  3. Training and practice:

    We aim to implement and improve knowledge and best practice of TGIP-Rehabilitation, early intervention and psychotraumology, by training professionals such as: mental health professionals; firemen/women; the social services; and officials/professionals responsible for disability management. This will be implemented in Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain.

  4. Evaluation:

    A major action in EUTOPA-IP is to continue the evaluation of post disaster intervention following the breakdown of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne (03 March 2009). Research within the Cologne fire brigade has been conducted by the Psychosocial Service Team. Working with different target groups, this included TGIP methods such as psychological first aid, psycho-education and screening with the Cologne Risk Index-Disaster.

  5. Conference and network consolidation:

    We aim to present the EUTOPA III conference  in order to consolidate a European network. This will include our agenda (items 1 – 4) and the evaluation of results. We will also expand our online presence (www.eutopia-info.eu), publish digital newsletters and create a ‘knowledge database’ for all delegates of EUTOPA.

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