Training and Practice

The objective of the EUTOPA-IP training will raise knowledge of and expertise about EUTOPA; and especially the Cologne-Risk Index – Disaster, amongst different vocational groups.


Training in EUTOPA-IP includes:

• Improvement of knowledge about Target Group Intervention Program (TGIP);

• Enhancement of knowledge about the roles and types of psycho-information; and

• Practice and training in application of the Cologne-Risk Index (CRI).

Additionally, training includes the detailed presentation and knowledge of the ‘Multidisciplinary guideline for early psychosocial interventions’ and the draft ‘Guideline for the psychosocial support of uniformed services’ from our partner IMPACT.


Participant profile for European EUTOPA-IP training:

• Experienced psychosocial care-providers, with emphasis on psychosocial aftercare.

• Psychosocial care-providers working in the field of crisis intervention.

• Local opinion leaders.

• Honorary participants (observers, volunteers etc.)

EUTOPA-IP Newsletter

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Co funded by the European Commission, Directorate Environment,
Grant Agreement No. 070401/2009/540414/SUB/A4