Conference in Cologne/Germany, 29th November - 1st December 2001

These conferences aim to network help organizations in the European member states and plan the implementation of standardized follow up care.After main reports about current conditions concerning empirical studies about Crisis Intervention measures and after an introduction into Target group Orientated Intervention, work groups gather different topics and strategies with the aim of a European Standardisation and Implementation. The objectives are:


  • Documentation and Analysis of the national after care structures in the framework of secondary psychosocial Prevention.
  • Formulation of demands on a standardised concept of secondary psychosocial Prevention for specific target groups: The goal is to differentiate several groups of emergency victims (adults, children, relatives of the victims, surviving memebers of the victims families) as well as the group of  task forces ( f.e.: for fire fighters, for police officers, for medical personnel) and their relatives.
  • Verbalisation of needs for certain risk groups.
  • Possibilities of a European Network and Information.


The aim of the first workshop is to elaborate initial suggestions referring to the standardisation of European After Care Programs on the basis of quality assurance and current research findings. This will be accomplished by experts` exchange and their common formulation of strategies and goals. Thus, it is possible to develop a European consensus resulting in an eased integration of European aid organisations. Consequently the trans-national support will be facilitated in the long run as well.

Results EUTOPA Conference 1

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Co funded by the European Commission, Directorate Environment,
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