Conferences in Cologne and Amsterdam

In the project EUTOPA two Expert-Workshops from an integral part of the project

The workshops will be organized by the project partners assisted.

It is planned to invite experts from at least 10 countries from the European Union to come to a first workshop (arranged for November 2007 with a duration of approximately three days).After main reports about current conditions concerning empirical studies about Crisis Intervention measures and after an introduction into Target group Orientated Intervention, work groups gather different topics an strategies with the aim of European Standardization and Implementation. The project partner accordingly prepare the following topics.


  • Documentation and Analysis of the national after care structures in the framework of secondary psychosocial Prevention
  • Formulation for demands on a standardized concept of secondary psychosical Prevention for specific target groups: The goal is to differentiate several groups of emergency victims (adults, children, relatives of the victims) as well as the group of task forces (f.e.: for fire fighters, for police officers, for medical personal) and their relatives.
  • Verbalization of needs for certain risk groups.
  • Possibilities of a European Network and Information.

The aim of the first workshop is to elaborate initial suggestions referring to the standardization of European After Care Programs on the basis of quality assurance and current research findings. This will be accomplished by experts exchange and there common formulation of strategies and goals. Thus, it is possible to develop a European consensus resulting in an eased integration of European aid organizations. Consequently the transnational support will be facilitated in the long run as well. communication structures are to be built up by the workshop. These structures are to be used in case of consulting tasks by each of the countries of the European Union. The Project groups´ work emphasize on recommendations that are suitable for a discussion base of the political decision makers of the respective countries.

The style of the conferences will be designed to secure the delivery of essential information through appropriate documentation (compendium in a story-board format, a format that encourages discussions an exchange) and brief presentations by key-experts.

Experts from the 10 European countries stated, as well as further countries from the European Union again are going to be invited for a second workshop (scheduled for autumn 2008 with a duration of approximately three days). Special lectures are planned to give information about the current state of research and the development in Europe. In work groups it is to be compiled to what extent the objectives formulated in the first workshop were realized. Problem areas are to be analyzed and improvement suggestions are to be formulated. In addition to that, an introduction into already compiled guideline suggestions like the Impacts Guideline on Early Intervention will take place.


Post processing of the workshops by the project partners

  • Publication of the aims and steps to the point of realization of the target that were formulated during the workshop.
  • Summary of the suggestions for guideline defaults on a European level.
  • Development of training course measures based on a multiplication principle, which can be accomplished in the European countries future.

Co funded by the European Commission, Directorate Environment,
Grant Agreement No. 07030601/2006/447903/SUB/A3