Institute for Clinical Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics of the University of Cologne (IKPP)

Centre of Psychotraumatology, Alexianer Hospital Krefeld, Cooperative Partner of the University of Cologne, Germany

Impact, Dutch knowledge & advice centre for post-disaster psychosocial care

City of CologneThe MayorOffice for international Affaires(Coordination of the Project)

SEPET+D - The Spanish Society for Psychotraumatology and Traumatic Stress and Dissociation

(SEPET+D) is a scientific non-profit association found in the year 2000. Its members are mainly psychiatrists and psychologists as well as members coming from other occupational areas and who are concerned with the help of victims of violence and catastrophes.

Every year this organisation arranges an international conference in the field of Psychotraumatology and offers a number of training courses within the year.

SEPET+D supports a web site ( with the cooperation of a webmaster and offers counselling and professional help by psychiatrists and psychologists from Spain and South America.

SEPET possesses a number of members and collaborating organisations operating in the network of Psychotraumatology.

Co funded by the European Commission, Directorate Environment,
Grant Agreement No. 07030601/2006/447903/SUB/A3